Twitter Live Chat Recap: Herbalife24® CR7 Drive with Dr. John Heiss

By John Heiss, Ph.D., Senior Director, Sports and Fitness, Worldwide Product Marketing, Herbalife
January 15, 2016, 4:46 PM

We recently hosted a question and answer session on Twitter with fans about our newest Herbalife24® product, CR7 Drive. The event was a big success as we collected fan submitted live questions about the product, sports nutrition and how we partnered with international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo to make this new product. In addition to answering live questions, we pushed out the following video responses to commonly asked questions:

How did ‪#CR7Drive‬‬ come to be? Was ‪@Cristiano‬‬ Ronaldo involved?

What if I’m not an athlete? Can ‪#CR7Drive‬‬‬‬ benefit the everyday person?

What is the actual #CR7Drive‬‬ product? How was the flavor chosen?

What are the benefits of using #CR7Drive‬‬? What are the main ingredients in the product?

During what types of physical activities would you want to drink #CR7Drive‬‬‬‬?

Is ‪#CR7Drive‬‬‬‬ only for endurance athletes? Can it be used during other activities?

What’s the benefit or differences of using #CR7Drive‬‬‬‬ over #Hydrate‬‬?

And Herbalife-sponsored triathlete Heather Jackson Tweeted this during the live event:

Heather Jackson Retweeted Herbalife