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Providing Social Support and Personalized Nutrition

Staff | Herbalife Nutrition​ | March 12, 2018
#HerbalifeNutrition believes that having a supportive social network leads to better results. Learn more about our nutrition clubs here http://hrbl.me/2Fnl7sSClick To Tweet

Social support has been utilized successfully for a range of behavior changes including smoking, drinking, exercising and family planning, and can come from a wide range of personal networks including a spouse, family members, friends, teachers, coworkers, group, and community.


Herbalife Nutrition believes that having a supportive social network leads to better results for one’s personal wellness goals. In fact, a 2017 scientific pilot study by Tufts University looked at 100 individuals and studied the impact of Herbalife Nutrition Clubs. These are clubs locally owned by Herbalife Nutrition distributors, where their customers gather daily to get weight management and healthy lifestyle advice and enjoy great tasting nutrition products. The study suggested that Nutrition Club membership is positively correlated with perceived and overall cardio metabolic health.


To learn more about our nutrition clubs and how they got started, watch this video.

Our dedicated distributors provide the critical support that helps their customers get results.  The person-to-person, high-touch experience our distributors provide goes beyond a product to include motivation and support that helps customers change for the better.  Distributors help ensure customers’ success by developing personalized plans and educating customers on best practices in nutrition and fitness, while keeping them accountable and motivated to reach their goals.  Our distributors turn that foundation into real results in our customers’ lives.  This “Distributor Difference” is, quite simply, what sets our company apart from pretty much anybody else in our field.


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